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Fimap Maxima

Fimap Maxima scrubbing machine: made to last!


Fimap Maxima is a sturdy scrubbing machine built with the best components and a striking design. A refined engineering combined with high quality materials led to a model made to last, reliable and able to reduce the total cost of ownership. It provides the best flexibility in terms of configurations. It is available as a…

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Fimap MMg

Fimap MMg and MMg Plus scrubbing machines: designed to astonish


MMg is a unique combination of quality, technology and sustainability. Boasting an innovative style unlike any other scrubbing machine and designed with minute attention to every detail, there’s no doubt that this is a truly superior class of product. High quality materials, optimized space usage, superior ergonomics and advanced technology set this machine clearly apart from…

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Fimap FM43 ORBITAL: single disc, walk-behind and cable-powered machine


FM43 Orbital A new solution for floor cleaning that increases the possibilities of use and reduces consumptions. FM43 Orbital is a new concept single disc machine that combines high performances and manoeuvrability. The orbital movement enhances the cleaning results of a regular single disc machine, making it particularly recommended for heavy duty works. FM43 Orbital…

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Motoscopa Perla 70ET

Poli PERLA E70, ride-on sweeper with 70 cm central brush


Poli PERLA E70 PERLA, ride-on sweeper with 70 cm central brush, suitable for all requirements, reliable and solid, with front bumpers in solid rubber while all the other parts subject to knocks are made in steel. The standard version of PERLA has a dust container made in ABS on a frame that can be removed…

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