Graffiti Removal Systems


Before the treatment

InClean is able to restore any surface, defaced with graffiti, by atmospheric agents and by time. We use specially designed cleaning products and/or a system that ejects low-pressure inert and biodegradable powders, able to quickly restore the original beauty of our monuments and cities without ruining the original materials.

After the treatment

Once the surfaces are restored, it's possible to apply InClean protective products, thus maintaining the obtained results in the long term, and facilitating the removal of any new graffiti.

Railway sector

Before the treatment

InClean is able to solve any graffiti-related problems on train and tram carriages. Badly removed graffiti, both indoors and outdoors, will be eliminated from film-coated surfaces.

After the treatment

InClean has created a renovation and maintenance protocol for train and tram carriages, and is able to operate in any situation. We remove the graffiti and apply our special products for the protection of the surfaces, taking care of the carriages in-depth cleaning and maintenance, both outside and inside.