Fimap Spa is a national and international leader in the design and production of professional floor-cleaning machines.

Fimap offers several models of scrubbing and sweeping machines, vacuum cleaners and single disc machines to meet any kind of cleaning need. Equipped with innovative technological solutions these machines allow to achieve high hygiene levels respecting the environment and reducing costs.

Fimap, founded on March 25th 1988, has become a firm presence in its sector, with a continuous and constant growth trend. Massimiliano Ruffo (the present CEO) has been heading the company since 1994, managing to turn Fimap into one of the most important companies of its field. Fimap is currently present in over 70 countries.

Interested in our brands?

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Interested in our brands?

Call us for more information and a free estimate!

scrubbing machines

The Fimap walk-behind scrubbing machine range is able to clean small to medium surfaces, even cluttered. Fimap ride-on scrubbing machines guarantee excellent cleaning performances on medium to large surfaces up to 30.000 sq.m. More details on

WALK-BEHIND Micro 50 - 1.300 m² | Small 1.000 - 2.900 m² | Medium 3.000 - 3.750 m² | Large 3.000 - 6.000 m²

RIDE-ON Micro 2.000 - 4.500 m² | Small 2.500 - 6.500 m² | Medium 4.500 - 15.000 m² | Large 15.000 - 30.000 m²

sweeping machines
vacuum cleaners
single disc machines

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