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The company InClean was formed by industry experts with over 30 years of experience. Its features include thorough knowledge of professional cleaning and strong skills in the research and development of the most innovative technologies able to create cleaning systems that allow our customers to carry out any task in the best way possible and in the least amount of time.

Our mission is to meet the needs of industrial and service companies, in the professional cleaning's field, providing not only equipment and specific products, but also consultancy for cleaning plannings.

Customers’ expectations and the evolution of the market require greater specialisation in individual operating activities, with an increasingly dedicated and punctual offer.

This scenario led to the decision to create two well-defined entities, each with its own identity:

InClean Sale Logo

InClean ITALIA SRL SOCIETÀ BENEFIT manages all the business. InClean ITALIA sees to the first contact with the customer and offers the best solutions to ensure efficient, effective, ecological and sustainable cleaning through the supply of innovative products, equipment and machinery with high-quality standards and direct deliveries throughout Italy from our logistics centre in 48-72 hours.

In summary, InClean Italia SRL SOCIETÀ BENEFIT sees to:




  • exclusively with an external financial company
  • scheduled maintenance contracts, including


InClean SERVICE SRLS manages all after-sales activities with its qualified and professional technicians, guarantees a safer, cleaner and healthier environment through assistance and scheduled maintenance services, which allow to obtain the best performance from the equipment and machinery, minimising working hours and downtime.

In summary, InClean SERVICE SRLS sees to:






  • InClean machine fleet
  • customised rental solutions (with or without buy-back)



our features

InClean Values

Our values are the fundamental principles that inspire our actions and define our company’s conduct in relation to our employees, suppliers and customers.

In other words, they are the system of ideas, ways of acting and attributes that we consider important in themselves and which have inspired our actions for 30 years, allowing us to be what we have been, are today and will be tomorrow.

We want to promote a new contemporary culture linked to the world of professional cleaning: higher quality, better results, eco-sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We created InClean with two fundamental objectives:

To offer customers a reliable partner for exploring the best solutions for professional cleaning, and to offer all companies customised, innovative and increasingly environmentally-friendly solutions.

We are guided by four fundamental values to reach our goals:

Quality research is the first driver of our business, shaping our way of being a company. We demonstrate this towards others in the choice of the best suppliers for the packaging of branded products or in the choice of machinery. This value is also shared within the company. Management and employees are directly involved in improving business processes to ensure increasingly efficient procedures.

The company is characterised by a well-defined ethical profile. We focus on the responsibility of our actions, hence the drive to create products under the InClean Brand, a product line in our name of which we are proudly responsible. We collaborate with suppliers with a high ethical profile and place our total trust in them, asking them and our team to take responsibility for their high standards. Only in doing so can we introduce ourselves to customers with confidence in the services we offer.

This value has always been in our DNA. InClean was created with the aim of providing innovative solutions. We consider innovation as following new paths that can lead to improvement in the interest of all. Today, innovation means seeking quality with great responsibility not only towards customers but also towards the community. We believe that any new product or technology must have broad positive repercussions in terms of environmental sustainability.

We are all responsible for this value. It defines the way we work as individuals and as a business organisation. We aim to be a reactive company capable of providing quick and functional responses to our interlocutors. We are committed to creating functional, effective and efficient solutions.

consulting and expertise

InClean’s Mission

InClean's mission is to respond to the needs of industrial and service companies in the field of industrial and professional cleaning, providing not only specific machinery and consumables, but also consultancy on planning the cleaning interventions to be carried out.

InClean's goal in approaching customers is always to find a highly customised solution capable of guaranteeing the best solution in terms of cost and results. This type of business relationship therefore naturally leads to an evolution compared to the classic sales of the sector, aiming to provide continuous advice in order to always intervene with all the innovations and improvements introduced in the sector.

From the first approach to consolidated collaborations, InClean can be considered a consultant in the field of professional cleaning and sanitation.

InClean promotes a new professional cleaning culture thanks to a more personalised approach and a calling for innovation and environmental sustainability.

cleaning solutions

Industrial cleaning machinery

The company offers FIMAP, POLI and KRÄNZLE machinery for the mechanisation of cleaning, including: motorised sweepers, scrubbing machines, combined washing-sweepers, single brushes, dust and liquid industrial vacuum cleaners, cold and hot water high-pressure washers, fixed washing systems.

The catalogue also includes industrial steam generators with vacuums, carpet cleaning systems, specialised carpet vacuum cleaners, paper items, a complete range of dispensers with automatic consumption control and innovative electronic dispensers with proximity sensors and dispensing adjustments. The list continues with washing discs and special microfibre and rubber discs, in addition to the ultra-new recycled melamine pads and a complete line of InClean detergents. We also provide a sales, rental and assistance service for new and used machinery.

Would you like a free consultation to find the best solutions for cleaning your company? Enjoy your first contact with our company and how we can concretely help your business.


InClean Line

InClean has a complete line of InClean branded products, which includes a variety of detergents and degreasers, waxes and sealants, and kitchen, laundry and personal hygiene products. The company's branded line is a plus that deserves to be highlighted.

InClean brand products reflect the constant development and research work carried out by the company to propose solutions that are increasingly efficient and able to stand out from the competition.

Want to know more about our InClean Line?

See our full range of products!

Want to know more about our InClean Line?

See our full range of products!

six cornerstones

InClean's Strengths

Deep knowledge of the sector

Our 30 years in the professional cleaning market have allowed us to develop great experience and knowledge of our sector. Thanks to this significant experience, we can offer real added value to all our customers in terms of competence and corporate culture.

Technical consultancy

One characteristic of our service is the technical consultancy we offer our customers. It is a fundamental moment for discussions, to study the situation, make a sector evaluation of the intervention and any problems in order to suggest the best solution in terms of cost and results.

Development of new technologies

The world of professional cleaning requires constant updating to stay in line with the best news on the market. The study of new products and the search for new machines has always been one of InClean's features. This allows us to only offer the best to our customers and promote efficiency and eco-sustainability in professional cleaning.

Sales & after-sales

InClean's organisation is designed to offer full assistance in every phase of the relationship with our customers. Sales are seen to by our commercial company InClean ITALIA SRLS, while InClean SRL is in charge of all after-sales service activities with its qualified and professional technicians. We follow the customer in the best possible way at all stages of the relationship with InClean.

Customised solutions

During the technical consultancy, we identify our customer's needs and propose customised solutions both in the supply of products and in the sale or rental of particular cleaning machines. A targeted service to meet specific cleaning needs with the best value for money.

Sale of products and machines

InClean brand cleaning products are the company's flagship, including a variety of detergents and degreasers, waxes and sealants, and kitchen, laundry and personal hygiene products. Lastly, the company has machines for industrial cleaning from the most prestigious brands: FIMAP, POLI and KRÄNZLE. A complete offer for your professional cleaning.

Areas of intervention

Aree Intervento InClean

Thanks to our 30 years of experience, InClean can offer complete intervention solutions to structure high-performance cleaning processes for different specific areas.

InClean's goal in approaching customers is always to find a highly customised solution capable of guaranteeing the best solution in terms of cost and result.

We identify a package of proposals dedicated to the specific needs of each company, in each sector.

first contact with the customer

Consultancy is our distinctive trait

InClean's approach with new customers always starts with consultancy. The relationship begins with a careful analysis of the customer's needs, with an on-site inspection with the testing and implementation of various machinery and products with the aim of identifying the best solution in terms of cost and results.

Consultancy is InClean's distinctive trait, bringing us to formulate the best machinery or products for the customer.

InClean considers consultancy as taking a decisive first step towards the best possible supply to all customers who decide to rely on us.
What do we evaluate during the inspection?

  • all possible technical-environmental issues
  • the typical needs and characteristics of the sector of intervention
  • several practical tests are carried out to choose the best product or machine

The result allows InClean to be confident that it can provide an optimal solution for the company.

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