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Paper towels dispensers

COSMOS Hand Towel Dispenser Sensor

Electronic paper roll dispenser

The future at hand: the latest and most innovative technologies applied to the most frequently used solutions in the bathroom area. The first and only dispenser with a "No-touch" proximity sensor; by simply moving your hand in front of the sensor, it dispenses the preset amount of pure cellulose hand paper towels, made of 4 biodegradable veils, to add further quality to the service.

COSMOS Hand Towel Dispenser Autocut

Paper roll dispenser with automatic cutting

The best solution to control the hand paper towels consumption in heavy industry. A dispenser with an automatic cutting mechanism, made of sturdy, wear resistant ABS.
Also suitable for the food industry, where the presence of water and humidity creates problems in all the other controlled consumption dispensers.
It works with TAD hand towels and has great autonomy and unmatched drying power.

Toilet paper dispenser

COSMOS Toilet Paper Dispenser

2 rolls BSA toilet paper dispenser

2 rolls dispenser. The next paper roll is automatically activated when the previous one ends. Transport and storage space reduction, great autonomy, no wastes.

Soap dispenser

Foam Soap

Foam/spray dispenser

Our company, in accordance with the latest regulations, only uses foam and spray dispensers with disposable refills. The system ensures a better control of consumption than any other dispensers, and the elimination of possible leakage of detergent from the dispenser.
Our dispensers can be customized with your company logo.
The foam is extremely delicate to hands and body, with more than 2500 services capacity.

WC dispenser

Toilet Seat Disinfection

Toilet Seat Disinfection

A service so simple but also so important, to the point that our company only uses electronic dispensers with enzymatic biological activators, which not only gives color to the waters and deodorize, but also sanitize.