TWT is a company specialized in the production of Multi-Purpose Trolleys, Cleaning Trolleys, and Floor Cleaning Tools. It also offers a complete line for glass cleaning, dispensers, and mops for floor washing.

We are talking about an ISO 9001:2015 certified company (guarantee of the quality system that concerns the entire company);
ISO 14001:2015 (certifies the sustainable orientation of the company);
SA 8000:2014 (certifies excellence in design and technical design).

The main materials used in the various products are:

    • Copolymer Polypropylene
      First-choice non-recycled polypropylene, with great flexibility and strength that ensures excellent anti-shock performance both at high and low temperatures.
    • Delrin Acetal Resin
      Material that possesses great dimensional stability and mechanical strength and is particularly recommended for the construction of precision parts. By using first-choice Delrin, TWT maximizes reliability and wear resistance.
    • Composite Technopolymers
      Company with strong competence and experience in technopolymer technology applied to cleaning and allows developing particular composite materials that are lightweight but with great resistance to shock.


Interested in our brands?

Call us for more information and a free estimate!

Interested in our brands?

Call us for more information and a free estimate!

multi-purpose trolleys

The OPERA line's multi-purpose trolleys offer numerous configurations for professional cleaning in various sectors, such as offices, healthcare, and hotels, as well as those designed for waste management.

washing trolleys
mop clamp - mop heads and fringe
floor cleaning systems
glass cleaning product line

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