Dirt, dust, powders,liquids and other contaminants threaten product purity, employee safety, and the overall efficiency of your operations during the manufacturing process. Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners helps you choose the right industrial vacuum system ( mobile, centralized or other) to prevent risks and improve your productivity.
Our team of factory-trained sales managers is at your service to understand your needs and recommend the right suction unit for you.
Conveying mixes, compounds and materials in a production cycle, the safe extraction of hazardous materials such as explosive powders, inflammable liquids and toxic substances. There is no impossible application for Delfin’s industrial vacuums and our centralized vacuum systems.

industrial vacuum cleaners

Every Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner is able to vacuum any type of material, from fine dust to liquids or oil, there are no materials that our industrial vacuum cleaners cannot collect.
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