Italian company that launched a project involving a team of designers and biologists to find the best solution to solve most of the water recovery and purification problems: a topic that is particularly central today. Thanks to Hydrobay, it is possible to save water, so it can be reused multiple times in the washing processes. Additionally, the technology provided by Hydrobay allows for returning uncontaminated water to the company's water network. A solution that allows choosing a company that makes environmental sustainability a true mission.
The HYDROBAY HEAVY plants use a biological purification system through effective mixtures of microbial powders, creating purified effluents suitable for reuse. The process takes place mainly in 3 appropriately sized tanks where primary sedimentation, accelerated oxidation, sedimentation, and final filtration processes take place.
The plants are designed according to national and European standards.

Interested in our brands?

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Interested in our brands?

Call us for more information and a free estimate!

Heavy 1500 Purifier

Daily Water Consumption: 500 Liters/Day
Tank Capacity: 1500 Liters
The Heavy 1500 model is designed to take up little space and be easily transportable thanks to the forklift pockets. Its shape makes it easy to position even in corners.
The purification system is able to return reusable water for washing processes.

Technical features:

  • Dimensions 1490x1490x2045 H mm.
  • Weight 380 Kg.
  • 0.054 kW - 17 L/min suction pump.
  • 0.37 kW - 5 to 40 L/min buster pump.

Heavy 3000 Purifier
Heavy 6000 Purifier
Heavy 9000 Purifier
Large-scale purifier
Filtration systems

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