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InClean has a complete line of InClean branded products, which includes a variety of detergents and degreasers, waxes and sealants, and kitchen, laundry and personal hygiene products. Check out our offer below.

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InClean Line: main features

Excellent value for money

InClean brand products are manufactured with the best components on the market to guarantee excellent cleaning products at a truly competitive price.

100% Made in Italy

InClean brand products are made by the best companies in Italy. A network of qualified and consolidated suppliers.


All InClean brand products have components in line with current regulations, and are absolutely safe for use in the professional cleaning industry.


All the products placed on the market under the InClean brand are carefully tested to adequately respond to market demands. These products are designed by those who work to make the work of others easier.


We promote the responsible use of resources and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life cycle. We aim to create a virtuous circle that is attentive to the environment through the supply chain of our customers and suppliers.


InClean brand products reflect the constant development and research work carried out by the company to propose solutions that are increasingly efficient and able to stand out.

Wax and Sealant Line

Linea a marchio InClean

Protective waxes and sealants are used for concrete surfaces, porous stones, slate, exposed bricks, untreated terracotta and clinker. Acrylic polymer emulsions, crosslinking resins, levellers, plasticisers.
They form a hard and shiny film that is resistant to fuel oil, grease and the heavy traffic of motor vehicles, trolleys and trans-pallets. This prevents dirt from penetrating deeply and reduces the formation of dust on treated surfaces.

Maintenance Detergent Line

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Rinse-free shiny detergents. Suitable for the daily cleaning of both treated and untreated surfaces (marble, granite, parquet, linoleum, vinyl floors, etc.) and surfaces in general (ceramics, stoneware, porcelain stoneware, clinker, etc.). The new formulations leave surfaces non-slippery and fragrant, restoring their natural shine without damaging them. No rinsing necessary with the use of these products.

Degreaser and Wax Remover Line

Linea a marchio InClean

These products have remarkable degreasing power, are non-flammable and easy to apply to clean any type of hard surface. The product is also excellent for use in metal carpentry, where it is used to degrease the parts to be painted. This line is also ideal for cleaning tools such as lathes, drills and other mechanical workshop equipment.

Bathroom - Acidic detergents

Linea a marchio InClean

Shining detergents for bathrooms, walls, tiles and toilets. They are sanitised thanks to the presence of quaternary salts. Ideal for use as the only products for bathroom maintenance or in combination with other solutions. Suitable for cleaning toilets, taps, sinks, bathtubs, showers and all porcelain and plastic surfaces in lavatories. They leave a pleasant and persistent fruity fragrance.

Multi-purpose Detergent Line

Linea a marchio InClean

These products are particularly effective in removing any type of dirt, both organic and inorganic, thanks to the particular substances contained therein. They do not affect the surfaces they come into contact with, and give the treated areas their original appearance, also leaving an antistatic film with a repellent effect on atmospheric dust. Suitable for cleaning any type of washable surface, such as plastic laminates, glass and metal surfaces, computer screens and keyboards, etc. Also recommended for cleaning school desks, thanks to its ability to eliminate ink and paint.

Disinfectants - Sanitisers

Linea a marchio InClean

Composed of 100% alcohol of vegetable origin, free of fragrances and colours. Suitable for all uses where detergents in aqueous solutions cannot be used. Rapid evaporation, without rinsing and residue, sanitising effect. SUITABLE FOR H.A.C.C.P. NOT SUBJECT TO UTIF LICENCE.

Ozone (air - water)

Linea a marchio InClean

Ecological disinfection systems to complement traditional cleaning, with several advantages: Quick treatments for environments, Sterilisation of worktops and tools, Deodorisation, Sanitation, in addition to being 100% Made in Italy.

Bleach and Ammonia

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Both are effective solutions with high disinfecting and sanitising power. Bleach and ammonia have some differences and different uses. First of all, there is a substantial difference between sanitising and disinfecting:
cleaning or sanitising means removing surface dirt from a surface and with it the germs and bacteria present, without radically eliminating them;
disinfecting means not only removing dirt superficially, but also eliminating the germs and bacteria present on the treated surface, significantly reducing the risk of their spread.

Air fresheners

Linea a marchio InClean

Water-based, persistent essences suitable for all environments. They guarantee a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. Various fragrances available: Felce azzurra, Myrrh and Mandarin, Vanilla, Lilac, Lotus Blossom. Ideal for different environments in private and corporate environments.

Kitchen Line

Linea a marchio InClean

The kitchen line consists of liquid phosphate-free detergents designed to ensure great results with medium and large capacity dishwashers. The high content of sequestrants guarantees excellent results even in the presence of very hard water, avoiding the formation of encrustations inside dishwashers, guaranteeing dishes and glasses with a particular shine.

Laundry Line

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Degreasing, alkalising detergents for industrial laundries to be used in combination with surfactant detergent for washing and/or pre-washing colour, linen, synthetic and mixed fabrics. SNOW STRONG contains active ingredients that promote the removal of the most stubborn dirt, bringing pH to alkaline levels. The action of the sequestrants lowers water hardness, facilitating the washing cycle while simultaneously preventing the formation of limestone encrustations. Whitening agents, softeners and detergents are also part of the line.

Scrubbing machine Detergent Line

Linea a marchio InClean

These are particularly active products, diluted from 2% to 10%, which can be used by hand or with a scrubbing machine to wash very dirty floors, removing stains, oil and grease residues. The products have excellent biodegradability and the absence of phosphates allows the easy purification of waste water. They can be used in vacuums with a high-pressure washer. Suitable for cleaning food and agri-food environments, usable with foam systems and even better with machine scrubbers.

Food industry Line

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Detergent and degreasing solutions excellent for cleaning in the food industries. They are highly alkaline and particularly suitable for industrial cleaning. They quickly degrease all types of surfaces, easily removing residues of oils, sludge and grease. Given their high concentration, the products are effective even if used in low percentages (2%).

Carpets, Steam and Extraction spray

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Concentrated degreasing detergent for washing hard surfaces, cars, compactors with equipment (STEAM SYSTEM) and concentrated degreasing detergent for washing carpets and sanitising fabrics with fragrance (EXTRACTION SPRAY SYSTEM).

Waste bags

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Waste bags and bins to hold any type of product: convenient, practical, safe and durable. InClean provides all the tools you need to give your work high performance levels. Learn about the many cleaning solutions which have arisen from our great knowledge and experience in the field.

Industrial coils

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We have industrial coils widely used in the food industry that not only guarantee food hygiene and safety, but also compliance with current regulations.

Personal hygiene

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Personal hygiene management systems for your business needs. From super washbasins particularly suitable for greases, glues, oils, resins, enamels - ideal for mechanics, workers, painters and typographers - up to the different solutions with dispensers for other types of activities.

Paper towel Dispensing systems

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InClean paper dispensing systems are convenient and functional solutions for the correct management of paper towels. Depending on the type of company and hygiene needs, we offer tailor-made solutions that offer high levels of ergonomics.

Toilet paper Dispensing systems

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InClean toilet paper dispensing systems are convenient and functional solutions for toilets within work contexts. Tools designed to eliminate waste and ensure better cleaning performance while fully respecting the environment.