Ghibli & Wirbel, the new brand that brings together the two Italian leaders in the professional cleaning, introduces itself to the public being confident of its past history of success and aiming at investing in the future. Many were the steps and commitment taken to reach success.

In 2005 Ghibli launches its first professional scrubber-dryers range, technologically advanced machines, essential for all professionals in the cleaning sector. The plan to put together Ghibli well known experience in the production of vacuum cleaners and Wirbel expertise in treating surfaces with single-disc machines goes beyond the most common industrial project.

vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers

Be it coars, damp or dry dirt, water or slime, there are no limits to Ghibli vacuum cleaners. A comprehensive range, up to three engines ranging from 1 to 2,9 kW, offers the ideal machine to suit any task.
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Address: Corso Unità d'Italia, 16/A - 12051 Alba (CN)
Phone: +39 0173 366524

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