TTS products stand immediately out.
Each one is designed to support an operator in a simple, intuitive, professional and “modular” way.
“Systems” are the central point for TTS. A vast range of products develop around them to satisfy any cleaning need. Ergonomic study of single products guarantees perfect balance for the final result.
You can choose from six product lines dedicated to the different needs: floor cleaning, washing trolleys, multi-purpose trolleys, waste collection trolleys and containers, linen trolleys, signs and markers. Lots of different proposals with that unique, excellent price-quality ratio.

Interested in our brands?

Call us for more information and a free estimate!

Interested in our brands?

Call us for more information and a free estimate!

multi-purpose trolleys

Magic Line and Magic System trolleys are now available in a version with new partitions and new cabinet doors.
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During the inspection, we assess the following:

all possible technical-environmental issues

the typical needs and characteristics of the sector of intervention

various practical tests are carried out with products and machinery

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