Fimap MMg and MMg Plus scrubbing machines: designed to astonish

Fimap MMg

MMg is a unique combination of quality, technology and sustainability. Boasting an innovative style unlike any other scrubbing machine and designed with minute attention to every detail, there's no doubt that this is a truly superior class of product. High quality materials, optimized space usage, superior ergonomics and advanced technology set this machine clearly apart from any conventional scrubbing machine. Sitting in the operator seat offers an immediate sense of total control and comfort, with plenty of space for the operator, steering wheel controls and an all-round visibility.

The MMg also delivers impressive performance to cater for the needs of any application, from healthcare to industry, while its extraordinary versatility, in terms of both the versions offered (scrubbing, scrubbing-sweeping and orbital) and the countless options and additional equipment available, helps the operator achieve outstanding results in all situations. These machines boast many different features and characteristics to make cleaning jobs easier: from resource-saving technologies and new systems to boost scrubbing power when needed, to the possibility of equipping the machine with a side brush for better results along walls and shelves and broaden the working width, increasing productivity by 15%.
While it's instantly obvious that this is no ordinary machine when you see it and try it for yourself, to make it truly unique, Fimap has also created a variant with the most advanced technology available today in a scrubbing machine: the MMg Plus.

The high-tech universe of the MMg Plus
While at first sight, the display is the first difference you notice between the two versions, it's the world of possibilities offered by this device that truly makes the difference. Called iD - intelligent Drive - this is a system that makes working intuitive and user-friendly, to cater for the needs of today's applications.
iD offers a host of solutions all with the same goal of saving instead of wasting, to do more with less. The display offers access to an interface letting the operator customize and configure a variety of different functions, from password-protected access to working modes. To prevent the risk of tampering, personalized passwords may be set for individual operators, allowing access only to the specific functions that they are authorized to use.
Working programs may also be saved for the different site cleaned with specific scrubbing settings for each site, so that the most appropriate parameters for each job can be recalled immediately without wasting time and resources.
The new system includes the Eco Mode device, which may be selected to work in a quieter configuration for noise-sensitive locations and with lower water, detergent and energy consumption, and the new Power Mode device, which boosts all scrubbing parameters to deliver maximum power when needed.
A rear view camera lets the operator monitor cleaning results in real time from the display, without turning around and taking his or her eyes off the direction of travel. The rear view camera is also very useful when manoeuvring and during transfer, helping the operator avoid collision and damage by ensuring all-round visibility. For even greater safety, the machine is also equipped with rear-mounted anti-collision sensors.

Also available with fleet management system
These machine may also be equipped with the optional FFM (Fimap Fleet Management) device, the ideal solution for operators managing multiple sites. Machines equipped with FFM transmit information letting the user know where they are, what they're doing and who is using them. The system lets users see in real time whether the cleaning schedule is being observed and if maintenance is being performed correctly, and notifies the user immediately by e-mail in the event of an emergency. Having all of this information at hand lets you organize and coordinate your fleet more effectively, save time and money and increase performance.

Cutting-edge sustainability
The environment continues to be a key area of research for the company, as demonstrated by the introduction of a new technology. In addition to the well-known Fimap technological solutions for noise level reduction (FNC) and to save energy (FES) and water (FSS, Eco Mode and FWF), a new water recycling system has also been developed for the MMg. The FLR – Fimap Long Range - system exponentially increases the working autonomy of these machines, which saves you time. Machines equipped with FLR can scrub more sq.m. with the same load of detergent solution, cutting the number of stops needed for emptying and filling the tanks, reducing water consumption by up to 66% and increasing productivity by up to 70%.

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