Fimap FM43 ORBITAL: single disc, walk-behind and cable-powered machine

FM43 Orbital

A new solution for floor cleaning that increases the possibilities of use and reduces consumptions.

FM43 Orbital is a new concept single disc machine that combines high performances and manoeuvrability. The orbital movement enhances the cleaning results of a regular single disc machine, making it particularly recommended for heavy duty works. FM43 Orbital allows to achieve effective results in half the time compared to a normal single disc machine.

Thanks to the high frequency oscillations it offers an excellent stability and does not tire the user even during long shifts since it results easy and light to manoeuvre. It can be used also by unskilled operators.

Detergent solution reduction by up to 50%
The orbital action allows to clean more uniformly since it contains the cleaning solution inside the pad area. Cleaning is more effective while the consumption of water and detergent solution is reduced by up to 50%.

Energy saving
The orbital movement reduces the pad pressure allowing to achieve excellent results with less energy consumption.

FM43 Orbital versatility makes it suitable for several types of interventions:
- Water scrubbing of hard and vinyl floors
- Smoothing and restoration of concrete screed
- Carpet cleaning
- Dry maintenance: stripping and polishing of vinyl floors
- Wooden floor sanding
- Marble restoration and crystallization

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