Poli PERLA E70, ride-on sweeper with 70 cm central brush

Motoscopa Perla 70ET

Poli PERLA E70

PERLA, ride-on sweeper with 70 cm central brush, suitable for all requirements, reliable and solid, with front bumpers in solid rubber while all the other parts subject to knocks are made in steel.

The standard version of PERLA has a dust container made in ABS on a frame that can be removed for easy unloading with the capacity of 62 litres.

The filtering unit is composed of nr. 6 cartridge filters and the electric filter shaker for a filtering surface of 6 sm: this is the most important element when evaluating and comparing sweepers on the market. Filters are available also in Polyester and HEPA.

PERLA E70 can be equipped with nr. 4 batteries of 6V 240Ah (in 20 hours) with tubolar plates; or nr. 4 of 6V 240Ah (in 5 hours) tubolar traction version.

PERLA easily exceeds slopes of 12%, but for slopes up to 20% is available an increased control unit as optional.

Only for PERLA E70 is possible to equip the machine with a 24V vacuum cleaner accessory (for dust only): a complete cleaning system also for areas the machine cannot reach.
Recommended for surfaces from 2.500 to 4.000 sm

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