HydroClean is a modular washing station that allows the collecting and recovering of wastewater. Its modularity makes it transportable, flexible and inexpensive, a constantly evolving solution, for many possible applications.

The HydroClean system is the ideal solution for a safe washing of all types of machinery and equipment, in an inexpensive and ecological way. It consists of modular pavements and decanting and filtering systems.

The pros? No building work, savings in investment, reduction of disposal costs..

A preliminary assestment will allow us to offer the appropriate solution to your specific need.

washing of machinery

The HydroClean system allows the washing of bikes, quads, motorcycles, cleaning machines, ground machinery, forklifts, tractors, vehicles.

lavaggio bici, quad e motocicli
lavaggio macchine per la pulizia
lavaggio macchine movimento terra
lavaggio carrelli elevatori
lavaggio di trattori
lavaggio di automezzi