INCLEAN is a group of industry experts with 25 years of experience and a deep knowledge of the market and the most innovative equipment, able to create cleaning systems that allow its customers to carry out any work in the shortest possible time.

Our mission is to meet the needs of industrial and service companies, in the professional cleaning's field, providing not only equipment and specific products, but also consultancy for cleaning plannings.

We have FIMAP, POLI and KRÄNZLE machines for industrial cleaning including: motor-sweepers, scrubbing machines, combined washing-sweepers, single brushes, dust and liquid industrial vacuum cleaners, hot and cold water high pressure washers, fixed washing plants.

Our catalogue also includes industrial steam generators with suction, carpet cleaning systems, SEBO carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners, paper products, a full range of dispensers with automatic cut consumption control and the innovative No Touch electronic dispensers, with proximity sensor and dosage control. The list goes on with our washing discs and special microfiber and rubber discs, in addition to the brand new recycled melamine pads, and a full range of INCLEAN detergents.

We also have a series of customized cleaning systems, which use the world's best producers' equipment and trolleys.

Last but not least, we provide sales, rental and servicing of new and used machines.